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Latvia, Setra S213UL # JF-2688

  LatviaGulbenes autobuss, SIAJF-268808.201703.2022 
Municipalities (school)05.201308.2017Gulbenes novads — Rankas pagasta pārvalde

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  March 2022    Withdrawn

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Latvia,  Mercedes-Benz O510 Tourino  # LL-9172
Latvia,  Setra S315HD  # GO-2261 
Latvia,  Setra S415GT-HD  # KG-7241
Latvia,  Setra S315HDH  # MR-607
Latvia,  Setra S213UL  # 86 
Latvia,  Setra S213UL  # GF-5755 
Latvia,  Setra S313UL  # 41
Latvia,  SOR C 9.5  # JZ-7597
LatviaBus depot and company territories

Latvia, Gulbene, autobusu parks (Gulbenes autobuss)

August 2021
Author: Aleksandr1

  August 2017    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

  May 2013    Change of state number (within the company)

  September 2007    Arrived at the facility

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